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Many new dads find themselves feeling
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Chanel, MACP, RP (Qualifying), PMH-C

Chanel is a mom of 2, a registered psychotherapist (Qualifying), and an advocate of owning your mental health story.

Chanel has supported the mental health of hundreds of clients from various walks of life in the last seven years.

Her interest in child development and the parent's ever-evolving identity fueled her passion for specializing in caring for the mental health of parents in the prenatal/postpartum period.

She started her private practice in the spring of 2023 after years of dreaming of creating a mental health service that nurtures the whole caregiver.

Knowing first-hand how isolating and challenging early parenthood can be, Care Cultivator was designed to help parents grow their voice (develop insight into their needs and strengths) and their village (establish social supports that validate their unique story).

Combining her education in perinatal psychology, interest in psychoeducation, and comfortability with technology, Chanel aspires to create online programs that can make a greater impact on parents who are feeling alone - no matter where they live in Ontario.

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